Kawasaki GPZ500S


Saturday, 9 January 35,435km. Winterstop.
After charging the battery the GPZ started again. By now winter must be really coming(?) so I put the bike away in the garage between its 1000cc brethren.

Saturday, 12 March 35,440km. Start!
Winter is more or less over by now. I revived the bike and am going to use it to go to work again. If it's not too cold in the morning...

Saturday, 16 April 36,566km. Tires
A week a go the rear tire had a nail in it and was deflated. Today I had front and rear tire replaced by Dunlop StreetSmarts. They seem to be the most modern tire for this bike. The Michelins had still quite a lot of thread left, but I wanted to try the Dunlops.
On the short trip home they felt very good. Neutral in corners. The bike steered much better than it has done ever before.

Monday, 2 May 37,020km. Clock
Fitted a little Oxford clock I bought from Hein Gericke. It fits nice on the steering stem. Lets see how long it wil last...

Friday, 29 July 40,700km. Service
Had the oil and filters changed. The little bike is still running very fine. Even the clock still works :). It's a perfect commuter.
Still don't really trust the new tires. About twice the front skidded a bit. I think the Michelins had better grip.

Tuesday, 20 September 43,155km. Grips
Finally finished a job I started weeks ago. The wiring of the heated grips was way too long so I wanted to cut out the excess. I connected the shortened wires again with Super Seal connectors. But alas, the grips didn't heat up, they got no power. Since we're having a quite hot summer/autumn I let it be for a couple of weeks. Today I finally got around to fix it. I suspected the powerline and cut the connector to install another one. Seemed the connector was okay, but I'd blown a fuse. Forgot to disconnect it from the battery when cutting the wires and installing the connectors. Duh. But now the heated grips work again :).

Saturday, 1 October 43,505km. Headlight
Repaired the headlight that broke two days ago. Regretfully I didn't have a yellow bulb lying around, so I had to use a clear one. I think yellow is better when filtering.

Sunday, 23 October 44,750km. Headlight
Got my yellow bulb back.

I guess I'm a Kawasaki fan?

Friday, 28 October 45,050km. Ticket
You obviously don't need 200hp to go too fast, 60hp will do just fine.

7kmh too fast, and goodbye 50 euro.

Wednesday, 28 December 47,474km. Last ride
Last ride of this year I guess. It's getting colder.
Did around 12,000km with the little moped this year. It behaved perfectly, can't think of any negative points. The Dunlop tires worked fine after rubbing them in, even in the wet and cold weather we're now having.
Next year an oil and filter change and valve clearance check, and it's ready for a couple of thousand more kilometers.

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