Kawasaki GPZ500S


Saturday, 7 January 47,474km. Snow.
No biking today...

Monday, 30 January 47,474km. Start.
Tried to start the bike today to see if I needed to charge the battery. But after a month of standing still it eventually started after some cranking.
So I can use it to go to my new boss on Wednesday.
The bike looked terrible, dirty, full of salt and mud. Maybe I'm gonna clean it this weekend. And possible install the stock pipes. Since I don't work in Amsterdam anymore I don't need the noisy pipes to scare away pedestrians and bicyclists.

Thursday, 2 February 47,900km. Sticky.
The sidestand down detection switch is a bit sticky. I was unable to ride away immediate because the engine stalled after releasing the clutch. After a while it worked again. I guess the forementioned switch loosened due to vibrations. I flooded the switch with WD40 this evening, let's see if that works...

Thursday, 7 February 48,000km. Sticky2.
Well, it didn't work. The bike stalled in the middle of the freeway. Me on the left-most lane, of course. With the speed I had I could reach the emergency lane. After a bit of fiddleing with the sidestand switch I could ride off again, risking another stall. Living on the edge, you know. ;). Temps are getting lower again so I won't be using the bike for the next couple of days I guess. After that I must fix the switch asap.

Sunday, 5 March 48,930km. Exhausts.
The side stand switch hasn't bothered me anymore. Probably because I only use the mainstand now.
Washed the salt from the bike today, inflated the tires a bit more, added some oil, greased the chain and replaced the loud Delkevic exhausts by the -slightly damaged- stock ones. On a trail run I absolutely couldn't hear the bike anymore. A little more noise is nice, but it's okay like this.
Shortly I will make an appointment at the dealer for some servicing.

Wednesday, 8 March 49,125km. Headlight.
The headlight has worked itself loose on the right side. Must fix this in the weekend, or wait until the next service job in two weeks. Lets see how long it will hold on one mount...

Saturday, 11 March 49,266km. Headlight 2.
Darn, the brackets on the right side of the headlight are completely broken off. No easy repair this. I'm afraid I've got to buy another top fairing...

Sunday, 12 March 49,266km. Headlight 3.
Fixed the fairing for the time being the MacGyver way: with tie-rips/wraps. As long as it holds I don't need another top fairing...

Thursday, 30 March 49,835km. Tired.
Some (overdue) maintenance for the little GPZ. The dealer replaced front tire (previous one lasted 13,000km). Rear is still kinda fine. I asked for the same tire, i.e. Dunlop StreetSmart, because this one works best on the GPZ. They gave me a lousy Michelin PilotStreet with which corners are a challenge: no stability or neutrality. I will call them asap about this.
Chain and sprockets got replaced too. Previous ones lasted 20,000km. Usually I do around 30,000km. Maybe it lasted shorter because I don't always grease it when necessary. The bike got new filters, oil and spark plugs as well. And the front brakes were overhauled. That should be enough for some thousands more of trouble free kilometers. I hope.

Monday, 3 April 50,035km. 50,000!
Crossed the 50,000km mark today. This little moped just keeps on going. Let's see if we can reach the 100,000km mark :)

Friday, 7 April 50,535km. Tire
Got my Dunlop StreetSmart tire. Steering improved immediate.

Tuesday, 6 June 52,000km. Storm
Crap, bike got blown over again. That's the third time. This time it landed on its left side. I couldn't see any damage, but it wouldn't start. No idea what could be the cause. Battery is ok, but the startermotor did nothing...

Saturday, 10 June 52,000km. Storm 2
As I suspected later on it was the connection at the clutch lever for the switch to disable the possibility to start the bike when in gear and clutch lever not pulled (there must be a short name for this switch... ;) ). The connector was more or less broken off but I could attach it again and the bike started immediate.

Monday, 28 August 55,000km. 55,000!
Done 40,000km in 3 years with the little motor myself now. Still going strong. Although I'm secretly looking at other, possible replacement, bikes. But don't tell the Gpz ;).
The Kawasaki (what else...) ER6F ABS looks like a good candidate. But as long as the Gpz is trouble free there's no need to replace it. But that has never stopped me from changing bikes... :)

Friday, 13 October 56,300km. Tired?
Got some servicing done: oil change and a new rear tire. A Michelin Pilot Street again (previous tire, a Dunlop, lasted almost 20.000km). I think the Michelins offer more grip in the wet than the Dunlops. And although they seem to steer worse, more grip is for me more important. The mechanic noticed that the exhaust link pipe was broken off. But it was still in place and didn't leak. As soon as I'm starting to hear it it is soon enough to do something about it I guess. Like replacing the Gpz?? They found some tight spots in my quite new chain too. The advised me to grease the outside of the chain as well...
While I was there I could try the BMW 1600 Bagger. Well, not my cup of tea. Big and heavy. It is comfy though and you can get it around a corner, but it is not how I want to ride a motorcycle...

Monday, 16 October 56,420km. Pressure
As feared the new Michelin rear tire makes the bike less stable. Although this could also be due to a too low tire pressure? You should think the mechanic knows what the pressure should be? I'm gonna check it myself asap.
Now I know the exhaust leaks I indeed can hear it. Before they mentioned it I hadn't noticed it. Bast*rds ;)
And shifting down isn't as smooth as it used to be. The Gpz is nearing retirement...

Saturday, 28 October 56,852km. Pressure
Checked the rear tire pressure and it's spot on at 2.5atm. So, sorry mechanic...
Steering isn't a problem anymore, I guess I needed some time to get used to the new tire.

Monday, 13 November 57,500km. Gears
I'm blipping the throttle now when downshifting. Like a pro ;). In this way downshifting works much better.
What isn't better is the Schuberth SC1 communication device in my helmet. It stopped working. No more music when commuting. Must have it looked at...

Friday, 1 December 58,000km. Comm
The battery of the communication device has been replaced. It's working fine again.

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