Kawasaki GPZ500S


Wednesday 3 January, 58,750km. New year.
Happy New Year!
Let's see what this year brings. A new commuter bike? Who knows...

Sunday 7 January, 58,750km. New clothing.
No new bike (yet), but new clothing.
After a couple of mishaps, already 4 years ago, the old jacket was leaking a bit and a zipper of the trouser was broken. Later another zipper of the trouser broke and recently a zipper of the jacket lost its pull thingy. So, time to renew the stuff. Although the zippers seem to be a bit fragile, I still like the Dainese stuff. So this time I bought a Dainese Sandstorm GTX jacket with a Galvestone D2 GTX trouser. I especially like the jacket with its removable goretex liner and a fleece liner which can be worn seperately when you go into town or whatever. The jacket got a goldstar at RevZilla so it must be good? ;)

Saturday 27 January, 59,600km. Maintenance.
Did some small maintenance. Added some air to the tires, cleaned the lights, greased the chain. That kinda stuff. Nowadays they sell -overhere anyway- mainly ceramic chain lube. I don't like it at all. The chain looks so dry and unprotected. When I brought the bike a short while back for an oil change they even wanted to replace the quite new chain because of some hard spots. In the future I'm going to use old fashioned Keenol grease again I still have from decades ago.

Friday 2 February, 60,000km. Sixty thousand.
Nothing to report except for reaching another milestone: the little bike has driven 60,000km. Of which 45,000 done by myself. Still like it.

Saturday 17 February, 60,600km. Touring.
Went to a nearby dealershow with the little moped. And took the long way home, wondering again why I spend tens of thousands of euros on new bikes while I have a lot of fun too on a bike costing no more than a couple of hundred euros... Of course handling, braking, performance etc of the gpz isn't nearly as good as those on newer bikes so the riding is different and fun too on new bikes.

Friday 23 February, 60,800km. Other show.
Went to another motorshow this evening. This show is being considered as the start of the motorcycling season overhere. Doubt if that will happen, since we're getting temps below freezing during the day next week...
The H2 SX's were there too. Still no news about delivery dates.

(Thx Fred for the pic :) )

Because of the expected cold I thought it to be wise to buy some heated gloves. Gerbing had a booth at the motorshow and they sold their newest gloves.

I bought a pair of XR-12's and at home I searched the internet for some more info on them. Oddly I hardly found any pics while these were supposed to be the latest, greatest gloves from Gerbing. You'd expect they would show them off...
Finally I found a page about them on the Gerbing.eu site where they asked for testriders for these gloves. They article stated too that it was planned to bring these gloves to market at the end of 2019 and that there are only prototypes of them at the moment. Very weird. Have I bought prototypes? Weren't they supposed to sell them? I've mailed Gerbing to ask them what's the deal.
By the way, I'm still using my 13(!) year old Gerbing gloves. Don't use the heating, but as gloves for cold weather they're perfectly fine. Speaking about quality...

Sunday 25 February, 60,800km. Gerbing.
Received mail from Gerbing. They sold indeed remaining test gloves to me (with warranty). So now I'm one of the few(?) with 2019 Gerbing gloves. I expect the quality to be as good as production gloves...

Tuesday 27 February, 60,860km. Gerbing first test.
With temperatures around -5 Celcius I thought it was a good idea to test the new gloves. I started at medium settings but soon noticed that resulted in not much warmth. At max the gloves heated nicely up, but not as hot as I hoped/expected. The old wired gloves became unbearable hot at max setting. Not that I want them to be unbearable hot, but still some more heat would be nice, even if this would mean a reduced heating time. Nevertheless my hands didn't became too cold and stayed warmish. As Raynaud sufferer my hands need to stay warm to prevent them from stopping the blood flow to my fingers, and this went fine with the new Gerbing gloves.

Tuesday 15 May, 63,666km. Status.
It's been a while since the last blog entry, but there was, and is, nothing to report, to be honest. The bike runs fine. Does what it has to do. I add now and then a little oil, put some more air in the tires, grease the chain, and that's it.
Today I took the long way home from work and had again a lot of fun with this cheap, little, bike.

..:: Quote ::..
"Exploring the top end of this engine's rev range is entertaining for even the most seasoned riders."

Tuesday 3 July, 65,500km. 50,000km!.
Did today exactly 50,000km with this little bike. To celebrate I greased the chain and added some oil. A service job is (over)due with carb synchronisation and valve clearance check...

Saturday 11 August, 66,188km. Hot.
Didn't ride the bike for a couple of weeks due to the heat. Today I tried to start it again and hesitantly it did. I guess because of the scorching heat (approaching 40 celcius, and who knows how much under the plastic cover in direct sunlight...) the handlebar grips turned into a sticky substance. I hope they're still usable...

Tuesday 16 October, 68,220km. Digital clock.
I wanted to buy a clock for the Gixxer and came across digital one from Oxford. On the GPZ I already have an analogue clock from Oxford (2.5 trouble free years) and I thought it might be fun to have a digital one with a temperature gauge as well. Today I received two of them and on first inspection they might be nice. Although the buttons won't be usable with gloves so I've got to determine before leaving which mode I want to show: clock or temperature...

Wednesday 17 October, 68,280km. Digital clock 2.
Should've paid more attention to the Internet reviews of the clock. Besides unusable buttons now and then the clock resets. I think because the battery isn't attached properly? I'm going to send the other one back, this one I'll use as temperature gauge on the gpz. That function works as it should.

Wednesday 7 November, 69,000km. Sold!
Sold the little moped. I had a lot of fun with it, but in the end it deteriorated somewhat. My bad, due to lack of maintenance...
I think I found a good new home for the bike. The new owner already has one gpz and mine will be in good company.
So my prediction at the beginning of this year came true: a new commuter bike must be bought. I am looking at ER6F's, but I think it will be next Spring before I buy one. Unless I can't take it any longer and buy one this winter...
To end, some nice quotes:

..:: Quote ::..
"Long in the tooth but surprisingly fast and easy to live with, the Kawasaki GPZ500S’s a true and reliable all-rounder."

..:: Quote ::..
"A great teacher and skill sharpener; good for experienced riders, too; inexpensive; durable; easy to maintain; surprisingly versatile."

..:: Quote ::..
"Just About Perfect. ...the Ninja 500R, aka EX500, aka GPZ500 is about as close as you can get."

..:: Quote ::..
"Kawasaki's new Ninja 500 is one of the best motorcycling deals around." (JdR: in 2010...)

..:: Quote ::..
"The EX500 was unusually capable and versatile, especially for its size and price."

..:: Quote ::..
"Simpel, betrouwbaar, goedkoop in aanschaf, onderhoud en ook brandstofverbruik."

..:: Quote ::..
"Nicht mehr die Jüngste aber überraschend schnell und alltagstauglich - die Kawasaki GPZ500S ist ein wahrer und zuverlässiger Allrounder."


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