Suzuki GSX-R 750


Saturday 30 December 2017. Bought a racer.
For some time I have been looking for a supersports to do some trackdays with and for some squidding ;).
I tested a GSXR1000 but didn't like that specific one. Today I tried a GSXR750 K6 and almost immediate liked it. The engine ran smooth, clutch worked fine, shifting gears was good, brakes worked good and it looked good. Everything was okay, so I bought it.
The Suzuki has a higher windscreen, braided brake lines, tail tidy and a Shark replacement exhaust. Before I pick it up (spring next year) the dealer will fit heated grips, bobbins and a navigation holder.

..:: Quote ::..
"The GSX-R750 is devastatingly fast, at the track, or on the road and incredibly easy to ride too. It's so good, you wonder why anyone buys the Suzuki GSX-R1000, except to say `My Gixer's bigger than yours, yah-boo.'"

Friday 5 January 2018. Bought clothing.
Made my racing outfit complete with leather pants with kneesliders (Dainese Delta Pro C2) and with some racing boots (Dainese Nexus D-WP).
I'm race ready now. Pity the weather isn't...

Sunday 14 January 2018. Bought trailer.
In order to get in all comfort to and fro the circuit (and maybe vacation destinations) I bought a (older model) Van Vossen airtrailer. It has air suspension which you can deflate so you can easily get the bike on and off. You can partly fold it too, so it is easy to store. Perfect I should think...
Some pics of trailers like mine:

Tuesday 13 February 2018. Trackday.
I now have all the stuff ready to go racing. Except for one small little detail: the bike isn't ready yet. It's still at the dealer for some maintenance and to have some stuff added. That didn't stop me to sign up for a trackday at Assen the 27th of April. Lets hope for good weather...

Tuesday 27 February 2018. Almost ready.
Called my dealer to make an appointment to discuss what still has to be done to the GSXR. To my surprise they were already working on it. They replaced the steering head bearings and were going to install new front brake pads and a navigation holder and wiring. I asked them to install some crash protectors too, you never know...
I can pick it up next Saturday.

Saturday 3 March 2018. Got it!

Picked the bike up today. They had quite some problems to get it ready because first the battery died, then the alternator quit and after that the regulator stopped working. Happy it happend at the shop and not at home...
It was the first time I towed a bike and my brother and I had a hell of a time to strap it down. The Canyon Dancer straps I'd bought didn't quite work, they were too long? And before we found another suitable spot and got the hang of how the wretched ratches worked we wasted quite some time. This in front of the mechanics who had a lot of fun, I'm sure. Basterds ;).

Saturday 10 March 2018, 36,771km. Try out
Temps are about 25 degrees Celcius higher than last week, so I took the Gixxer for a spin. When starting not all cilinders participated in the party. After a little while they did. After the ride I put injector cleaner in the tank. Maybe it helps.
The bike rode very fine: powerdelivery, shifting gears, brakes, suspension, all's very good. I only do not really like the steering damper at low speed. It makes steering unprecise. At higher speeds it's fine. Maybe something to get used to?
Can't wait to take the bike to the track...