Suzuki GSX-R 750


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"I was thinking it even before Kevin Schwantz put it into words: "Man, wait till you ride the new 750," the 1993 500cc world champion said on the eve of the Suzuki GSX-R600/750 press intro. "It feels exactly like the 600, only faster." "

Happy New Year!
Plans for this year: a couple of track days...

Friday 27 March, 40,341km. For sale!?
Well, this corana thing and following economic troubles made me decide to sell the Gixxer. Especially since I only did 1 trackday last year and I doubt I will do one, let alone more than one, this year.
To make the bike more attractive for potential buyers I fixed the left fairing which has been damaged during the riding course at the end of 2018.

Sunday 29 March, 40,341km. Sold
Lots of interest for the Gixxer. Of course the usual troublesome negotiations, but in the end I got what I wanted for it.
So that's the end of another -supersports- chapter. I hoped to do a 2:00:00 on the circuit of Assen with the GSXR, but that personal record has got to wait. Stays for the time being on my bucket list.
Some last quotes I still had lying around about this great sportsbike:

"MOTOPLUS CONCLUSIE De nieuwe GSX-R750 is een geweldig goede motorfiets, die zowel voor de 600 als voor de 1000 een subliem alternatief kan zijn. "

"Pulling out of the corner the GSX-R 750 wails towards its 15,000RPM redline like a basso perfecto in exquisite hair pulling agony."

"This could be the perfect sportsbike all-rounder"


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