Kawasaki Ninja H2SX SE


Thursday, 9 November. Bought it!
Well, what can you do if Kawasaki brings out a combination of H2 power and SX comfort in one luxurious package? You buy it!
For more than a year (2 years?) there were rumours of Kawasaki turning the H2 into a touring bike. Sounded like a perfect machine for me. Especially after experiencing the power of a supercharger: it brings (more) torque to a four cilinder. A perfect combination. The H2 was a bit too extreme for me (had a lot of fun with it though) and the Z1000SX (Ninja 1000 for some) was almost perfect. It lacked a bit of power though, excitement. Combine the two and you should have a perfect bike. Haven't ridden it yet (few have) but I'm confident Kawasaki has done its homework and will give us a great bike.
It should appear in the shops in February 2018...

Sunday, 26 November. Saw it!

Today I visited the Kawasaki New Models Show at our National Military Museum. Nice surroundings for introducing some new stuff.
The Z900RS looked great, but I came, of course, for the H2 SX. In real life it looked even better than on the pictures. Seating position felt good, sporty and comfortable. Built quality looked just fine. Can't wait to receive it.
My dealer was there too and he said he'd told Kawasaki he wanted to have the first one delivered in the Netherlands. That'll be mine! :)

Saturday, 2 December. Signed it!
Put my signature under the purchase contract today.
Eagerly waiting for the first tests by journalists...

Tuesday, 5 December. First test
And there it is, the first test: Motorcycle.com H2SX test.
Just as I hoped and expected the H2SX seems to be a perfect combination of H2 power and SX touring capabilities.

Hmm, the page and vid seem to have been pulled. Kawasaki Japan didn't agree??
You can try the cached version: Motorcycle.com H2SX test from cache. As long as it's there...

Wednesday, 6 December. The lost article
Just as I thought. Motorcycle.com had to remove the article. Comment by them:

"Trying to scrub it from the system at Kawasaki's request. Apparently the rest of the world was upset that MO was given such a big lead, so they applied pressure to their respective distributors who applied pressure to Japan... and so on, and so on. In the end, we agreed to take it down out of respect for Kawasaki."

Tuesday, 12 December. Forum
Found an H2SX forum: h2sxriders.net. Looks promising.

And the guys at the forum found a copy of the vid belonging to the lost article:

Get it while it's still there...

..:: Quote ::..
"this might be the Goldilocks bike for sport-minded sport-touring buyers."
Motorcycle.com (from the pulled article)

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