Kawasaki Ninja H2SX SE


Wednesday 3 January. Waiting for it
Happy New Year!
(Not) Patiently waiting for news about the H2SX...

Thursday 11 January. Navigation
On the Z1000SX I had a TomTom 450 for navigation. After a while I more or less got used to it (as longtime Garmin user), but I never really liked it. Usage was a bit cumbersome and it made errors e.g. on roudabouts, and, quite important for me, it hadn't an mp3 player. The latter was a big unpleasant surprise. Never thought of checking this. I thought every navigation system had this.
What I did like was the bar on the right with an overview of poi's on the route like gasstations and the fast updating of maps. Still I decided to sell it together with the Z1000SX.
Now I'm back to Garmin with a Zumo 595. It was like coming home ;). It's faster than the Zumo 660 I had, especially the map updates. They're now as fast as on the TomTom. The spoken instructions are more detailed too, like 'turn left after 100mtr at the traffic lights', in stead of 'turn left after 100mtr'. Happy I have a Garmin again.

Wednesday 31 January. Introduction!
Finally the long awaited press introduction of the H2SX in Portugal. Gonna be flooded with news from now on. Yeah!

..:: Quote ::..
"That’s the future of supercharging. Not just extreme power, and not ever-increasing engine capacities, but better performance and economy from the capacities we’ve got. That’s why the Ninja H2 SX is exciting."

Tuesday 13 February. Tests
Lots of tests have been published by now on the Net and Youtube. Still waiting -of course- for the old fashioned writing press. All in all the journo's were pretty positive. If not very enthousiastic ("...probably the most exciting new bike of the year"). They liked the comfort and power. Something I was looking for. Some disliked the weight and handling on curvy roads. But this is of course no sportsbike, so I guess it'll be okay.

It looks like the bikes will be handed over to their new owners on the first of March, worldwide. Let the good times roll!! :)

Tuesday 27 February. Delivery
Some news from my dealer. Delivery might be in week 2 or 3 of March... I've heard delivery already started in Spain and Canada...
On a good note, my dealer insisted on Kawasaki he wanted to receive the first H2SXSE in The Netherlands, i.e. mine :)

Friday 16 March. Arrived?!
The Western European bikes seem to get unloaded now from a ship that brought them here in The Netherlands. Port of Rotterdam I guess. That means mine is in the country. Delivery should follow soon!!

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