Kawasaki Ninja H2SX SE


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"On the road, the H2 SX SE is just amazing. Seldom one sees this kind of power being delivered in such a manner. The deliverance of that much power in such a controlled manner MUST surprise one. It is that smooth and linear."

Saturday 23 March, 5,030km. Season start!
At last after 5 months of waiting prospects seem good enough to prep the bike for a new season. Put the battery in and added some air to the tires. That's about it. The bike started, of course, immediate. Didn't take it out for a spin though. Waiting for some more sun :)

Saturday 20 April, 5,130km. Season start, for real...
Due to illness the start of the motorcycling season had to be postponed. Today I did the first 100km of this year. The weather was very good, so the roads were very busy. Not much fun...

Saturday 18 May, 5,250km. Flashed
Seems to be a slow starting season this year due to some minor surgery (gal bladder removal) and recovery period.
Yesterday the ECU of the SX has been flashed, fuel cut disabled and max rpm increased with 500rpm. The bike gained 13hp (182 -> 195), more should be possible when the catalytic converter would be removed. The increase in max rpm should make it possible to do, in theory, 310kmh. I'm gonna test that asap... :)
As a loaner I got a Honda NC750X. Ugly bike, but I guess a perfect commuter with very low fuel usage and a comfortable seating position.

Sunday 19 May, 5,550km. Mission accomplished
Nice weather today so I took the SX to Germany. On my topspeed-test-road (A77/57) I opened the throttle and tuck behind the screen. Quite effortless the SX sprinted to the 303kmh. With some more free road maybe a little bit more was in it, but for now I'm satisfied :)

Saturday 1 June, 5,855km. Stutter
Another little trip. On the highway while running with low rpm the bike started to stutter. When closing and opening the throttle again everything was fine again. For a while... Could this be a result of the flashing? I tried another power mode, but to no avail. Very annoying, have to go back to the shop.

Sunday 16 June, 5,940km. Classic Superbikes
Visted a classic superbike meeting today. The stutter is still there. I'm bringing the bike to the shop July 2 to have it -hopefully- fixed.
At the meeting I saw one of my first bikes: a black Honda CB900F Bol d'Or. Still a good looking bike.

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"Yet once its boost gauge gets moving, the SX catapults forward hard enough to drain my blood to my boots and make its front wheel feel almost permanently light"

Tuesday 2 July, 6,075km. Stutter?
Brought the bike to the dealer to have a look at the stutter. On the way to them the bike once stuttered. The mechanic put it on the dyno trying to reproduce the problem in a controlled environment, but the bike ran fine than. So he took it for a ride and, of course, no stutter. Another mechanic did the same and the bike refused to stutter again.
So I took it home this evening and again no stutter. Should I be glad that the bike seemed to have fixed itself, or will the problem come back at an inconvenient moment? Time will tell. You'll read it here first ;)

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