Kawasaki Ninja H2SX SE


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"A Muscle Car, in Motorcycle Form. The H2 SX SE's motto should be "Motorcycling in Excess.""

Happy New Year!
Plans for this year: returning to Italy for vacation, have the suspension checked (still not satisfied), doing more touring...

Tuesday 24 March, 11,865km. Corona
Well, this Corona crisis put the world upside down for everybody, including me. I have to work at home and motorcycling isn't yet prohibited, but strongly discouraged. So I leave it be and wait for the good times to return...
Stay safe and wash your hands ;)

Sunday 5 April, 12,110km. Season starter
Very nice weather today, so a good moment to open season 2020. With Pim (gsxr1300) and Marco (s1000rr) I rode a piece of the well known IJsselmeer route. We could only go halfway because the Afsluitdijk had been closed. Still had a nice time.
Because of this Corona thing we kept our distance, especially at gasstations.

Sunday 26 April, 12,480km. IJsselmeer again
Again very nice weather, so the same trio went again for the same route. This time a compete lap.
On a great stretch of dyke we were being followed by a motorcycle cop. People had complaint about misbehaving bikers and he wanted to keep an eye on us. Of course we behaved this time. After a couple of kilometers I had enough of him and stoppend on the verge of the road. He stopped too and started a conversation about bikes and stuff. He rode privately a ZZR1400 and had owned 5 ZZR1100's, so a Kawi lover and thus a good guy. We let hime leave first so we could misbehave the last piece of the dyke :).

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