KTM 1290 Super Duke R


Wednesday 9 December 2020. Trying something else...
Bought a 2020 demo Super Duke R today with only 500km on the odo. It already has the quickshifter and techpack. I'll have heated grips, navigation (Garmin XT), cases and a radiatorcover installed. I like the black SDR better, but then I had to buy a new one and had to pay almost 3,000 euros more... Suddenly the color wasn't thát important...

..:: Quote ::..
"It's more composed on the road, not at all scary on the track and that 1,301cc engine with its treasure trove of rider aids is still one of the finest internal combustion engines ever made. Clear a space in your garage and buy one. "

Tuesday 26 January 2021. (Almost) ready
The dealer is almost ready preparing the Beast. Only the navigation is missing. After the winter I will pick it up, hopefully in March...

Thursday 18 February 2021. At home!
Because the expectation is that this weekend we're gonna have great weather I asked the dealer to bring the Duke. This morning they brought it and it looked great :). Only problem I had was that I didn't know how to remove the -small- cases. The ignition key didn't fit. A call to the dealer shed light: they'd sticked the keys into one of the cases. Problem solved.
If the weather is okay too tomorrow I will make the first ride as owner of this bike. Hopefully the step from supersonic supercharged supercomfortable 4 cilinder tourer to a simple naked two cilinder isn't too great.

Saturday 20 February 2021, 600km(?) First ride
Forgot to note the odometer mileage, I guess it's around the 600km...
So, the first ride of The Beast Three Point Oh. What can I say, it's different and I like it. The ride is a bit more rough than an inline 4, but that's to be expected with a big twin. Seating position is fine, mildly sportive. Suspension is good, handling is good. Got a sore left wrist from using the clutch. I should use the quickshifter more often. Noticed that you can't short shift with this quickshifter, it doesn't understand that.
Fuel consumption was 1 liter on every 16km (you convert that to miles and gallons if needed ;) ). Along the way kids signalled me that I should do a wheely. They never did that when I rode the H2. They recognize a hooligan bike :)

Sunday 21 February 2021, 619km. First trip
The first decent trip with the Duke. Again around the IJsselmeer, at least that was the planning. I've never found it a problem to live in a small country, other countries were (are) close by. But now we are hardly allowed to cross the border so we've got to entertain ourselves within the Netherlands. And after more than 40 years of motorcycling overhere I've seen it all. Still a small inconvenience for me compared to others.
Last week we had quite some frost and there was still ice on the waters, emanating a lot of cold. So after a while it all started to get pretty inconvenient and we decided to call it a day.
The Duke was again a lot of fun with lots of torque. Using the clutch wasn't as painfull as before. Maybe I had to get used to it again after 4 months of not riding. After 190km the fuel reserve alert popped up and according to the trip counter there was enough fuel left for another 90km. Good to know.

..:: Quote ::..
"Any motorcycle with this exceptional level of sportbike performance simply has no right to be this comfortable."

Friday 26 March 2021, 900km. Almost there
Bought a new helmet. The previous one -Schubert C4- started to hurt terribly after wearing it longer than one hour. I went back to a Shoei, this time the Neotec 2 Separator TC-5. I had a Sena SRL2 communication set installed too. Nowadays these sets are prefectly integrated in the helmets.

To do a little test of the helmet I went for a short ride and after more than an hour the helmet still didn't hurt. In April I'm having a so called personal fitting session to have the helmet fit even better.
The Duke was again a lot of fun.

Saturday 3 April 2021, 1024km.
Passed the 1.000km today, so the tedious break in period has ended. It wasn't that boring since 6.500rpm were allowed during break in and that's enough to have a lot of fun. I made an appointment at the shop to have the Beast serviced. At the same time they will replace the stock steeringdamper with one from Hyperpro. Under acceleration the front felt very light, I expect a better steeringdamper will prevent this. And they will remove the exhaust valve servo because I've read that this is the cause for a lot of malfunctions where you're forced to limp home. The exhaust valve's purpose seems to be to meet noise regulations. The Duke isn't that loud anyway, so the whole servo/wire crap can go.

Saturday 17 April 2021, 1241km.
First service job. The new steeringdamper feels much, much better. They didn't remove the exhaust valve servo, but just disabled it. Fine by me. They disabled the automatic indicatorlight cancel function too. Don't like it, hardly ever forget to turn them off.
Took the long way home and had again a lot of fun. I think I made a good choice to trade the touring bike in for a fun bike.