Kawasaki Z650RS 50th Anniversary


Thursday 30 March 2023. Start!
Installed the battery, inflated the tires, made a little testrun: motorcycling season 2023 has officially started!

..:: Quote ::..
"The Z650RS is a premium competitor in this easy-to-ride, no frills, well put together, stylish, funky, learner-friendly, lightweight, middleweight category. "

Saturday 24 june 2023, 1240km. For Sale!
For quite a while I was thinking about stopping with motorcycling. But lack of an alternative hobby stopped me. Until this last ticket. It is almost impossible to ride the way I like it overhere, i.e. sportive. So I pulled the trigger and put my bikes up for sale.
Not much interest for the KTM, which was to be expected considering the price. A lot more interest for the Kawi, but no buyers yet.

Saturday 5 august 2023, 1240km. Sold!
Took quite a long time, but finally sold the Kawasaki to a guy whose first bike it will be. Not a bad choice ;).
Had myself some fun with it, but not as much as anticipated. Not the fault of the little bike, but mine. Me don't having as much fun in biking as previous years. Seen it all, done it all. Time for a sabbatical. Let's see how long I can be without a bike...

Some remaining quotes:

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"The fuelling system of the Z650RS, as with all modern Kawasaki's, keeps things nice and smooth and right off the bat, there's enough shove to put a smile on your face without proving too intimidating."

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"The parallel-twin motor of the Kawasaki Z650RS is very refined and has a very linear power delivery throughout the rev range"

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"Pros: Has an impressive design, refined and punchy performance, and a comfortable ride"

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"With handling at the nimble end of the spectrum, it's fun and responsive to ride."

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"A retro bike like this is meant for enjoyment, not criticizing the riding dynamics with a fine-toothed comb, and in that sense the RS delivers."

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"Ik zou dan ook zeggen dat dit een hele geschikte en leuke beginnersmotor is, maar zeker ook leuk voor de meer ervaren rijder die niet per se een zware motor wil."

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